Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jacobean Attic Windows

So I finally got the borders added to the quilt Tuesday morning and had to fight a rather insistent cat while marking everything for quilting. Onyx was being an absolute royal pain and decided that the table where I was working was where he needed to be. Whether it was sleeping, jumping, attacking thread or fabric or just generally being his normal annoying self, the table was the point of his attention.
After finally getting it marked up, folded and tucked away in a cat proof bag I started worrying over the backing. I finally decided on that blue paisley:

So I sewed it together to make it wide enough and had to again fight with Onyx, though this time it was over the iron. The little devil knocked it off several times while I was attempting smooth out the massive wrinkles in the fabric. After ironing the whole thing 3 times without getting the worst winkles out and having a rather large knot on my heel from the monster's last attempt to kill me I gave up and prayed it would stretch out straight on the frame.
Then I pulled out my last roll of batting, it was high loft. I panicked. This is for a group of hand quilters, I was afraid it would be way too thick. But I unrolled it and fluffed in the dryer anyway. To my shock when I pulled it out it wasn't as high lofted at I envisioned so it got to go with me to quilting.
After much vacuuming, finagling, pinning, repinning, stretching, rolling, pulling and smoothing we got the quilt into the frame today. Here is a side view, I'm having to stand on top of a chair to get this much of the quilt in the shot! Top of the quilt is to the right.

Since this quit will be for my mother in return for buying me the bundle of panels, it has pink it it. I am not a fan of pink, if this quilt were for me, it would be blue or purple instead of pink!

We only work on Wednesdays from 1 to 5 so it will be a couple of months before you get to see the finished project, but for real hand quilting with those tiny stitches, it will be worth the wait!

Oh.... and I guess I ought to introduce Onyx. He was a rescue in September 2008, just a few days after we lost our beloved Topaz. When I picked him up I nearly lost what control I had on my emotions. He looked very similar to Topaz and had an attitude to match. He still has the attitude, in spades!

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