Sunday, April 18, 2010

Voca Quilt Show 2010

So I hope I've figured this out right and added the link to my site where I'm hosting the quilt show pictures!

Voca Quilt Show

All in all it was fairly good. The rain stopped for a while and the roads that had been closed due to low water crossings being flooded were eventually reopened. I arrived at 7:30 am to get pictures of all the quilts without interruption, hoping to get them without the flash on the camera but that didn't work out so well, there was just not enough light coming through the windows because of the clouds! Oh well.... it is what it is.

We ordered out for a hamburger lunch and took turns sneaking into the kitchen to eat. Many brought hand work to keep their fingers busy during the slow times.

Once we reached the end of the show and the ballots were counted, I managed to win a 2nd place ribbon in the wall hangings group with this entry:

It may have taken 10+ hours to put this show up but it only took 2 hours to tear it down.

Now that I have some free time.... I need to get back to playing with the needles. Well, as soon as I clean up the house and reclaim my sewing room from the cats that is. Could be a couple weeks yet.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Soup and a show

So first, let me explain.....
I was hungry. Really hungry. I've been helping set up a quit show that will be going on tomorrow and it's been raining, really raining and well, I needed some comfort food.
So dinner tonight was matzo ball soup, homemade from scratch by me:

Now about that show......
The Voca Quilt Club, of which I am a member, is hosting a quilt show to benefit the Bluebonnet CASA group on April 17, 2010 from 10-4. It's an advocacy service for children.
We are displaying quilts from the community in a people's choice judging.
My roll in all this? I'm the youngest of the group, I have the muscle, youth, stamina and know how to build the displays so they didn't have to figure out how or who to do it. I offered and I'm officially done. I built most of the things at home and we've had several work days up here to finish.
We started setting up on Wednesday and this is how far we got:

A better look at the bases that will be holding up these quilts:
Thursday we started hanging quilts, I say we though in reality a group of other ladies handled the actual hanging of the quilts with ladders and such. I'm not so big a fan of ladders. I on the other hand did a lot of heavy lifting of tables, stands, placing antique quilts on the stage for display and such.
After we got done, this is just a small shot from the front of the room, I'll add more tomorrow from the show itself:

Today, Bobbi (another of us 'youngsters') built a shelf for the back room to hold all those displays when we aren't using them. I'll have a shot of that later. Just too exhausted to even think about finishing this entry!

Will have show pictures in the next few days. Wish us luck!!!