Friday, April 16, 2010

Soup and a show

So first, let me explain.....
I was hungry. Really hungry. I've been helping set up a quit show that will be going on tomorrow and it's been raining, really raining and well, I needed some comfort food.
So dinner tonight was matzo ball soup, homemade from scratch by me:

Now about that show......
The Voca Quilt Club, of which I am a member, is hosting a quilt show to benefit the Bluebonnet CASA group on April 17, 2010 from 10-4. It's an advocacy service for children.
We are displaying quilts from the community in a people's choice judging.
My roll in all this? I'm the youngest of the group, I have the muscle, youth, stamina and know how to build the displays so they didn't have to figure out how or who to do it. I offered and I'm officially done. I built most of the things at home and we've had several work days up here to finish.
We started setting up on Wednesday and this is how far we got:

A better look at the bases that will be holding up these quilts:
Thursday we started hanging quilts, I say we though in reality a group of other ladies handled the actual hanging of the quilts with ladders and such. I'm not so big a fan of ladders. I on the other hand did a lot of heavy lifting of tables, stands, placing antique quilts on the stage for display and such.
After we got done, this is just a small shot from the front of the room, I'll add more tomorrow from the show itself:

Today, Bobbi (another of us 'youngsters') built a shelf for the back room to hold all those displays when we aren't using them. I'll have a shot of that later. Just too exhausted to even think about finishing this entry!

Will have show pictures in the next few days. Wish us luck!!!

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