Saturday, November 6, 2010

Open Season

It's that time again.  Opening day of hunting season.  The little town I live in has been gearing up for it all week.  Cars, RV's, trucks, vans, off road vehicles coming in from sates all over, proudly displaying their gun racks fully loaded with rifles.  Locals everywhere signing up for the Big Buck Contest, paying through the nose for hunting licenses, and setting their kids up with cool gear for their very first hunts. 
It's a right of passage here in Central Texas and this little county is the hunting mecca, or so I've been told.  Hotels, all 2 of them, are full.  Restaurants are busy and the stores, all what, 5 of them are bustling.  The county population has practically quadrupled.
Not that I mind or anything.  I'd be willing to go hunting if I had someplace to put a whole deer or 3 or whatever my limit is.  It's just, well, I FORGOT it was Opening Day Saturday when I ventured out mid-morning today wearing my tie-dye frog jacket.  Boy did I stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of camo or what?  Hunters bringing in their morning kills to the forestry service's Deer Check Point near the dollar store gave me odd looks.  I was even asked if I was afraid I'd be mistaken for a deer.
So with the town full to nearly capacity and me not wanting to cause blindness in the hunters while they had their lunch I came back home and started laundry.  Well, what else does one do on Opening Day if not hunting and drinking?
I also finished up the 2 quilts I had sent out to be quilted, I mentioned them here
The first one up was started 2007 I think, I finally put the thing together in 2009 and put it away until I could find fabric I liked for a backing.  Here's the final product from a Slash a Stash pattern given to me back in 2007:
And that backing I finally found, a really interesting Batik.  The lady who did the long arm quilting, Heart of Texas Quilting, tried out a Santa theme in the quilting, you might be able to catch a hint of it on the back:

Now the other one, the one where nothing was matching per-say?  Well, get ready, it's a bit different.....
See?  Like I said, it doesn't all go together but it works.  At least for me it does, and I'm not the type of person to care if my socks match.  And the backing:
I also started work on another tablecloth, sort of an odd take on a kaleidoscope pattern.  But you'll have to wait until later to see it.

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