Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What about chickens?

Ever thought about where your eggs come from? No, they do NOT spontaneously appear at the store. They are NOT manufactured in a food processing facility. They are made by chickens. Hens (female chickens) lay one egg a day at most even without a rooster around and NO the eggs aren't baby chickens, especially if there isn't a rooster around. Even if you do have a rooster, it doesn't mean you have a baby chick in the egg. For it to have a chick in it the hen has to sit on it for 21 days, incubating it so that the egg develops into a chick and that's only if it was fertilized by a rooster.

I get the strangest questions about chickens and eggs, if you really want to know more do a little research or visit www.backyardchickens.com

Now, about my chickens. I've just started back into chicken ownership. I have 3 Easter Egger pullets (EE's), 3 New Hampshire Red pullets (NHR's), a mixed breed hen, an EE chick and three mixed breed chicks. I have more mixed breed eggs and 3 silkie eggs in the incubator, set to hatch near November 6. My hen has stopped laying due to molting and the 3 NHR's should be laying big brown eggs any day now, the 3 EE pullets.... well I should be getting blue tinted eggs come spring.
Here are my 'girls'

Red the treat hog:
Bertha, the shy one:
Josephine, the crooked comb
Esmeralda, she only tolerates me for treats:

My 3 EE's, who are still terrified of me. Top row left to right, Freak and Panic and the bottom girl is Mayhem:And last but not least the 6 week old chicks, top to bottom Seven (EE), Karate Kid (mutt), Danielson (mutt), and Miagi (mutt):

If all you've ever heard about chickens is that they are stupid, loud, nasty, filthy, dirty creatures that don't deserve a spot in your yard.... Well you need to think again. They are only as 'nasty' as their owners let them get. Most hens aren't loud, roosters on the other hand can be. Stupid I'll give you but it's all a matter of perspective. Having chickens give you eggs, entertainment, and bug control. Look into chicken ownership and participate in the 'Slow Food' movement, though I'm not sure who would consider a chicken slow.........

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