Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ruby red white peaches!

I pulled the last bit of peaches off my white peach tree the other day and there wasn't quite enough to make a batch of peach butter and jelly is just not one of my things.  I mean if I'm going to have to peel them anyway I don't want to just toss away the flesh and keep only the juice.  It's a fiber, whole fruit thing, I know.  So I just peeled, pitted, quartered and packed into jars with an extra light syrup.  25 minutes in the water bath and viola, 7 pints of ruby red syrup with peaches.  They look cool don't they?
And before you ask, yes, they will eventually settle to the bottom, same for the apples in the previous entry, it takes a few days.
I also made 12 more half pints of banana butter today.  Apparently it's a big hit for peanut butter sandwiches around here and has become a "when are you making more" thing.  This time though I made a very large batch and it took forever to cook down.  As a result it browned a little more than the last batch.  But that's ok, it tastes the same.

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