Friday, July 16, 2010

Taking a stab at gardinere

We lived in Chicago for 5.5 years.  One of the condiments hubby liked was the gardinere served on top of the roast beef sandwiches.  I haven't wanted to even try this due to the amount of oil in most recipes that would prevent water bath and possibly even pressure canning so I passed.
That is until this year.  I decided to do this my way, which is ignoring all the directions and making it up as I go.  This is what I ended up with:
Want to know what I did?  Yeah, well so do I!
Here's the general gist:
Veggies.  All different types, diced and placed in a bowl with salt to draw out water.  What veggies did I use?
Hmmmm...... cauliflower, yellow squash, onion, celery, green bell peppers, jalapenos and carrots
After letting the veggies marinate for a few hours, I didn't count, I was working on everything else I was canning, I drained and rinsed them well before tossing them in a stock pot where I covered them by an inch of white vinegar.
To this, while the mix was heating up to a boil, I added celery seed, dried whole chilies, red pepper flakes, mustard powder and dill powder (yeah, having to wait on those to arrive in whole form) and about a cup of sugar.
Once this hit a boil I ladled into jars and started processing, the pints and half pints for 10 minutes and the quarts for 15.

I'll add olive oil to these as needed once the are opened.  For now though they get to sit and marinate for a few weeks.

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